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TF2 – Demoman Pogo Tutorial

Originally posted by Raiin

First of all, let’s get the environment right for a beginner. The best setup for a new jumper is to have a high ground with about a 1-2 second fall beneath it and flat walls along the side, jump_ice_v3 and jump_aznbob_fixed are good examples. (Thanks Dellort)

The basic rules of pogo are pretty simple and without them you will struggle to pogo at all, of course there are exceptions to these rules but for a beginner those aren’t important; The rules are as follows.
Always crouch
Always shoot before detonating
Always have a sticky on the floor

I advise you to hug a wall while pogoing to get the timing of stickies down and then ween yourself off the wall slowly to work on control. Stickies have a slight delay before they become ‘active’, every sticky will ‘flash’ when it has become active roughly 1 second after shooting, after a while you wont need to watch the stickies for this flash as you will have the timing in your head.

Timing Stickies
Place your first sticky straight down onto the floor, remember to use the rules, shoot another sticky about .5 of a second before you want to use the first sticky; detonate the first sticky and then continue this shoot – detonate cycle and remember depending on your speed coming down onto the sticky you will have more/less height after detonating.

Controlling Movement
Hugging a flat wall helps by taking away 2 directions, assuming you hold A if the wall is on the left you will not be pushed right or left thanks to the trusty wall and the same goes for holding D if the wall is on the right. Controlling pogo without a wall is all about WASD, I personally like to follow that exact pattern when i get over a sticky, little circles in the air so i can be sure i am not going in any particular direction. While looking straight down and making sure the sticky is directly under you, you aren’t likely to go flying too far unless you hit a wrong key or positioned yourself poorly above the sticky. Really it’s about thinking where the sticky is in relation to you, if its behind and below, you will fly forward and up and you can simply hit S to be ready for the next push.

Once you pogo 5 times in a row, you can pogo infinitely and as you get better at controlling yourself you can move onto things like wall pogo and air pogo.