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« on: December 18, 2017, 03:19:26 AM »
demoman map, 2 courses, 7 and 10 levels (17 levels), 2 bonuses, course 1 might be a high t5 or a low t6, course 2 definitely t6.
even though the map has 2 verts i made sure every level is possible for soldier, and no its not a random wallbug strat. a rule of thumb for my map is that every black floor can be stood on by soldier, however, for course 2 i did put in a bunch of game_texts to help figure out what the heck to do. also some jumps require soldiers to do stuff with grey textured platforms and it is quite clear on what needs to be done at said jumps, and if its not, theres a hint for it.
big thanks to everyone who i stole textures from and special thanks to RBT who was the main play-tester for my map and helped me out tons starting out, and Syro who helped me with some jumps to make them possible for soldier.
also the tele door for b1 does not work for soldier because b1 is not possible for soldier

download: (last has no regen)
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