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Author Topic: New surf server discussion  (Read 24 times)
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As most of you know, surf/susurf are the only real skillsurf servers in NA for TF2. With them gone in January we've got nothin' -- and we need somethin'.

Here's the deal.

I'm willing to put in the time to start up and run a new server based in Chicago. I haven't been surfing too much lately but have still been helping with the servers behind the scenes, and can definitely put in the time to keep a server running smoothly -- and hopefully get back to playing on it a bunch too.

What I CAN'T put in is all the money required. Running one server is going to run us a one-time fee of about $150 (see this topic) for the new surftimer with mysql functionality letting us link top times and all stats with aussie and whatever surf servers show up, similar to the skillsrank network for jump. Then, it's about $20 a month for the server itself. I can chip in, but I can't afford to pay all of it.

What I'm asking is if people would just post here if they'd be willing to put in either a one-time flat amount or a monthly amount (if 20 people are willing to do just a buck a month, that's that done right there) on a new surf server so I can gauge interest. In a month or so I'll ask for the actual donations.

The timetable for the new server is probably going to be around mid-January or whenever the mysql plugin gets done, so you've got some time to think about it.

Also, I would be looking for admins to help run the show. Truktruk is already helping out and would have access to everything also, as well as likely many of the current surf admins.

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