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Author Topic: The Secret Society of Super Villains Threaten the Justice League.  (Read 1018 times)

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As you may have noted,
We have had several problems with the current hosting situation.

The good news is I have begun work on a solution that will move the stats database and tf2jump to a much more powerful server that
a) doesn't limit the number of mysql connections and
b) isn't the slowest server in the world: see JumpIT's stats/poles database.

The change will occur within the next few weeks and should be seamless--I will make more announcements as the moment nears and will attempt to contact server owners with the new database information as the time comes.

As to the matter of rush's plugins:
They will be kept as closed source as possible.  Any necessary updates and fixes will be made by myself--this is to respect rush as he didn't provide many details about his departure and we should honor his work and be optimistic about his eventual and hopefully prompt return.

Interested individuals should still contact me if they wish to work on any of his plugins, we need to keep the project alive!

That's all for now,
stay classy.

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Big thanks to redwine for taking over all of this... you are the king of classy!


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