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Its deathrun time!! Welcome the newest iT server to the family... Run iT! Huge thanks to Scorp for providing this awesome server - iT's going to be deathruntastic!


Run iT []


Jump of the Week #1 - Haddok on jump_trix

Submit your jumps at:

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Hey guys! I am super excited to announce the opening of the 6th iT! server: Turbine iT! sponsored by! It is no crit / no spread / fast respawn, and since has so graciously sponsored it for us, all revenue from the ads will be going toward the LG/iT LAN fund! My dream server is a reality!!

Turbine iT!

stats: http://turbineit.hls...

Spam Bots on Forums


September 13, 2012

by Klanana

Hey Guys - as you have noticed we have had some wonderful spam bots on the forums recently. Trust me we are AWARE OF THEM and trying to handle them as they pop up. If you find your account has been suddenly banned, please get in touch with one of the admins, and ask your mom/dad/roommate to please stop trying to sell us Viagra.

Thanks for your understanding!

Its dodgeball time!! Welcome the newest iT server to the family... Dodge iT! Huge thanks to Scorp for providing this awesome server - iT's going to be dodgetastic!

Dodge iT []


Sick of maps being too hard? Want a place where you can just practice on easy maps? Well check out our newest server!! (experienced jumpers feel free to hop in and help the new guys out as well!)
Jujump iT! -
P.S. speedruns work here!

Thats right folks Q3 Defrag has entered the TF2 building! Testing is going on now and testees (you) are needed! For all the details be sure to visit the Defrag - looking for testers thread in the forums. If you are interested in helping out on development (mapping/porting/coding/w.e) contact Dr. Whooo. Now stop reading and get in the servers!

24/7  Q3 Defrag Jump Servers:
JP - 54.248.1...

How cool is this! Jump iT! was the Community of the Week on eXtravision this week! Unfortunately this is a perfect example of why I should never be allowed to do anything that is of importance to the community... I was very sleep deprived for the interview and somehow I confused the interviewer into thinking Turbine iT (MGE iT's april fools joke...) was an actual server. MY BAD! Anyways enjo...

Damnit Blind Girl way to release this the day after my huge map post!

jump_4starters_a9 by Blind Girl

Released: March 1, 2012
Update Notes: alright, it hit me a lot earlier than expected because of unintended... interventions... yea...
had to fix a lot of stuff on d and majorly rework at least some of the jumps, but i got it done

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TF2Jump now has a twitter! Follow us for announcements, new maps, videos, competitions, and more!!/tf2jump

We're Moving!


January 30, 2012

by härd redwine

 Over the weekend of February 2nd to February 4th we will be relocating to a new datacenter.

All of our data will be preserved and all of the global databases will still be reachable however behind the scenes several IP changes will occur.

The website should not go down for this move but this is fair warning ahead of time if your computer too aggresively caches DNS data you may exper...

NEW DEADLINE DATE: January 13, 2012

Dellort has officially moved the deadline date to send in demos for his new jump movie UP from January 20th to January 13th, most likely due to the overwhelming number of demos he has received. Make sure you get your demos to him no later than 1/13/2012.


Dellort has officially put out a democall for his new movie.. submit your demo's via the forum thread by January 20th. Here are some additional details and shit.

You can use whatever you want basically, any number of people, any weapons, any classes, but try to keep it on the creative side, and not overdone to the point where it's just gimmicky. Preferably use maps that are textured, if...


It's been a whole year since the TF2 Jump community forums started by Rush turned into a full blown website.. and I just wanted to take a second to thank EVERYONE for all the support and hard work! A huge thanks of course goes to redwine for making everything you see here... from the site layout/functionality to the ability to view speed runs from jump servers around the world (big tha...

New Server: MGE iT!


October 21, 2011

by Klanana

Yeah we added another one! Visit our newest server MGE iT!

2 New Maps for Soldiers!


August 29, 2011

by Klanana

I'm laggin a little so sorry! 3 BRAND NEW soldier jump maps were released in the past week so be sure to check them out!

jump_klanana by Raiin - The map we've all been waiting for! Raiins new map is beautiful and loads of fun!

Jump_majoras_a3 by Hadokk - This new soldier map is challenging and original... a very exciting map you must check out!

jump_who by House - I'm sorry did y...

ALRIGHT here goes my first attempt at adding an article... sorry if i break something!

In my ongoing attempt to take over the entire non-normal tf2 world, I would like to introduce the newest member of the gangbang:

Bball iT! - or

Add it to your favorites, get in there, and play some ball!

Thank you for bearing with me for so long.  We have had numerous delays in the development of our brand new web services and today marks a major milestone in completing these services.

All we have left to implement are minor administrative and backend features, afterwhich the new web services will be fully functional.

New features include:

  1. Articles, Tutorials, a...

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