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Dear User,

Providing stable, kick ass servers is what I try to give to this community. Unfortunately quality servers arent cheap and do not pay for themselves. I love being able to provide servers, but realistically paying for them by myself has gotten quite expensive.

Each day, our team of community leaders, and members like you, work very hard to represent the jumping community in the best light and spend countless hours managing, coding, or just plain starting a new and exciting project or conversation. The servers, bandwidth, and resources necessary to make such a wonderful place are expensive, payed out of the pockets of our staff.

Donating even a dollar helps keep our current servers alive. If you love TF2Jump, Jump iT, Surf iT, MGE iT, Bball iT, Dodge iT, or Turbine iT please help me out by donating anything you can.

NOTE: These donations DO NOT go towards Dodge iT for server donator perks. To donate to Dodge iT, please visit this thread.

Thank you, Klare

How To Donate

Simply click on the paypal donate button below. You may make your donation anonymously from that page, as well as select a custom amount to donate.

No PayPal? No problem! PayPal allows you to use any Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, or American Express credit/debit card to make your donation. Just look for the section outlined below:

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What does my donation support?

Your donation will be used to cover the monthly hosting expenses of:

  • TF2Jump
  • Jump iT
  • Surf iT
  • Bball iT
  • MGE iT
  • Dodge iT
  • Turbine iT

These donations are not tax deductible.

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