Registration Deadline: Sunday Nov. 25th
Tournament Date: Saturday Dec. 1st
Tournament Time: 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST
1st: Earbuds to each player!
2nd: Bills to each player!
3rd: 3 keys to each player!



Official Thread/Registration:

For anyone who hasn't heard, Paddie is organizing a 2v2 BBall tournament with $100 worth of steam games as prizes!

Registration will run from Oct 1st to the 14th - the event is currently scheduled to take place from Oct 19th to Oct 20th.

Rules: The tournament will be running...


Dellort has issued a new democall for another jump movie! The Boneyard Productions Movie Contest was recently announced and I decided to enter with another community jump movie. If this movie were to win in the contest there would be a cash prize and it will be played live at the i46 event right before the TF2 Finals. I think this would be awesome seeing how 10 000 or so people will ei...

It's competition time! Create your own original jumps (2 entries allowed per person) in sdk hammer and send them to Drexen. Jumps submitted will be used to create a new map: jump_collab. Once the map is finished, a vote will determine who's jump was the best! Prizes will be paid via paypal.

First Place: $30.00
Second Place: $10.00

Official Rules

  • The map is for soldier, so m...

$80 prize to the best voted Soldier jump map created by the end of September 23!

2nd Place Prize: $20.00

3rd Place Prize: $10.00

1.) Must be Soldier Jump Map.
2.) Must be new and original
3.) Must be at least +15 Jumps
4.) Must be submitted on or before September 23

Read More Here:

Here are the final scores:

1st - jump_up by Quba = 31 points
2nd - jump_around_cr by Cranck = 24 points
3rd - jump_what by Dr Whooo = 9 points
4th - jump_demolition by X_DIAS = 8 points
5th - jump_network_b1 by Wolsk = 6 points

Thanks to everyone for participating!!

THATS RIGHT IT HAS BEGUN!! Visit any of the following servers to play the brand spankin new DEMO COMPETITION MAPS then get to the forums to vote for your favorites!

Jump iT! -

24/7 Demo Maps -

Chillout Zone -


Vote Here:

On the 28th of July at 6:30pm PST, we will have a race for immortality! Yes, IMMORTALITY!
Anyone may enter this race, only 1 may win this race!

The winner of this race will be IMMORTALIZED inside my upcoming map by having a jump named after them!
Now you must be thinking, "He said 2 rewards". You are correct, the second reward is 1 sneak peek at my upcoming map...

Registration will close August 1st.

It is almost time to start voting in the Demoman Mapping Competition!! If you would like to be eligible to vote, you MUST register by August 1, 2011.

To register as a voter, you need your Steam account linked to your forum account. Do that before registering, or you won't be allowed to. Then, post in the Mapping Competition: Voting Registration Thr...

Registration is currently closed.

$75 prize to the best voted demoman jump map created by the end of July 31st.


Rules & FAQ Below.

1.) Must be Demoman Jump Map.
2.) Must be new and original
3.) Must be at least 10 Jumps
4.) Must be submitted on or before July 31st.
5.) You Must Register by July 1st to enter. (see FAQ below)


1.) How Do I register? Answ...

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